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kait kübar


working in the entertainment + video game industry, kait kübar is a very skilled matte painter working mainly with concept art + illustration. he only has a small portfolio HERE, but some very good work nonetheless.

i love the type of dystopian fantasy in these pieces here, though he does illustrate a wide range of worlds across his portfolio.



stumbling around berlin drunk we came across a bus parked in a fenced off grassy area. the bus ended up being a bar/cafe + all around the grassy area were park benches, couches + dimly lit areas with hammocks + the like. on one of the surrounding walls was this huge piece of street art, + i have been trying to find the artist for a while now.

belgium artist ROA. though i can’t find an official website there’s plenty of his work on google image searches + a tumblr. pretty cool stuff.

uk motorway map


done in the style of the london underground. this is possibly in the top ten coolest things i have ever seen. ever.

motorway map

36 recyclab


if i grew up in a city where it was worth doing graffiti, then this is kind of graffiti i’d love to have done. as it stands their graphic work is just as good, reminds me of the designers republic

check out their site HERE

xia xiaowan


using an arrangement of glass sheets, each with a cross-sectional painting of a complete image, xia xiaowan creates these amazing 3d images of haunting beauty

epic frozen action video


check it out:

some documentary photography


a collection of moving black + white documentary style photos from the web. caution, some of these are graphic

jakob wagner


i love this type of photography, + this is why i love dilapidated + uncomfortable looking places (click to enlarge)



time lapse photography of the eruption in iceland. click HERE

beautiful + impressive

i confess


i miss photography more than i like graphic design. damn…
i am especially loving photos styled like those below right now (click to enlarge):

if you have any, + have 5min, PLEASE email me some



check out the DEVIANTART, some very nice illustrations, well worth looking at

alex grey


here’s a wallpaper (+ two other images) for you all by psychedelic + spiritual artist alex grey, click image for full size
having done album artwork for prog/metal band tool, he’s worth a google image search for some other really inspiring art

tatiana plakhova


may not be to everyones liking, but i love them. from the series ‘links’ + ‘complexity graphics’, these images are comprised of coloured lines and dots moving in unison to create an image or at least the ghost of an image



some really nice illustrations with a painted feel, check out his deviantart HERE

sebastien larroude


saw the image floating around the web + loved it!

jamie hewlett


british artist. everyone knows this guy, which makes this post kind of pointless, but regardless, you should search through more of his artwork than just tank girl, the gorillaz + monkee
like banksy, if you look a little deeper, you actually find some real gems

nebojsa cvetkovic


great designer, check out his site HERE
love his lapses into designer humour

corporation pop


manchester based collective HERE
did the some work for creamfields, clean and tidy work with some nice visual layouts

liza corbett


check out her site HERE
very surreal + emotional artist with some amazing imagery and ideas, especially check out her drawings

adam haynes


more of an illustrative artist than a graphic designer, this guy is responsible for the ‘nike 6.0’ promotional artwork. check out his website HERE
he does a lot of steampunk-esque landscape scenes, reminiscent of jamie hewlett’s tank girl but more detailed than comic. very nice

ruben brulat


check out his site HERE
great conceptual photography depicting the frailty of the human form returned back to its natural environment, here’s an example from the ‘primates’ gallery

matt logue


check it out HERE
i don’t know how he’s managed it so perfectly, but the images depict parts of LA during it’s busiest times, except totally devoid of life. this effect could be achieved with filters + long exposure time where everything except the static just disappears, but these images have crisp clouds + trees, which would be impossible with this method. the only other explanation is multiple shots carefully edited + stitched together but the work behind it would be immense. however they were achieved, the results are achingly beautiful

typeface ink efficiency


matt robinson + tom wrigglesworth embarked in an experiment of ink efficiency by sketching out large scale renditions of popular typefaces with ballpoint pens and comparing their ink usage. they might have a little too much time on their hands, but their findings have a few surprises

mark ryden


amazing artist who did the ‘jack off jill – clear hearts grey flowers’ album artwork. website HERE, brilliant use of pastels + surrealism

russell mills


british artist found HERE. commissioned to do the artwork for ‘nine inch nails – the downward spiral’ album, some very nice artwork focusing on colour, tone + texture. three things i love

carlos abreu


check him out HERE, some seriously sweet graphicy art done on everyday urban items. i’m loving + taking inspiration from his use of colours

hayley o’gara


sweet t-shirt designs from a college mate whose now studying in glasgow. click the picture to visit her blog + if you like them, buy them!



another favourite of mine. bearing some characteristics of the designers republic, this collective are equally fresh yet stick more to the brief, giving their work an air of professionalism rather than of pure expression. check out their portfolio HERE

tatsuyuki tanaka


no website that i can find, but a great illustrator. did a lot of the work on the original akira manga

the designers republic


one of my all time favourite collectives. they basically designed the wipeout series. they’ve split at the moment, but their work is still available HERE. i love the bold, chunky, clean, minimal yet totally in your face style

david lanham


brilliant graphic artist, great interface icons, lovely clean design + some really interesting ideas in his artwork. check out more HERE

nicolas evariste


lovely photography, some great coastal work. check out his site HERE

andrej belic


some sswweeeett undersea scuba photography. well worth checking out HERE

mister shrew


sweet cardiff designer, blog HERE. he’s got some work up in the magpie gallery, great character design + colour swatches

russ mills


amazing contemporary artist, very sketchy, graphic style with abstract influence. check him out at byroglyphics HERE

phill blake


very talented illustrator who does gallery work, commercial work + a lot of varied art. check him out HERE



can’t place why but i love this work. different from most similar artists as it generally has more purpose than simply being cute. check out more HERE

chris sanders


nice illustration style art. check out his blog HERE

david carson


no introduction needed, he changed the face of graphic design. i have been inspired by this guy since i bought nine inch nails – the fragile in 1999. i loved the artwork + bought his book fotografiks, which i instantly fell in love with. it was actually that book that made me chose photography over graphic design when in college, hoping to create work of a similar ideology

check him out HERE

chris jordan


check him out HERE
photographs of birds that have died + partly decomposed, exposing the actual plastic content of their gut

aaron kraten


check him out HERE. great artist, the way he uses the background textures to add to the work is amazing

amazing wood mirror



eolo perfido


a portrait photographer with some really dark work. check him out HERE.

little red



the cardboard robot sometimes referred to as boxman is real! he’s called danbo + was available on amazon as a limited edition sculpture of a japanese character in the popular yotsuba&! manga. image searches bring back loads of lovely images depicting the character, bringing a graphic element to a natural world, which is what i originally intended to do when i first took up photography.


katie stokes


friend from back home. again great use of character design, original ideas + prominent lines. she hasn’t got a gallery online for viewing yet, but here are a couple of works.


kairi chan


some work from a friend of mine back home. i love the use of colours + prominent lines, check out her deviant art page HERE

Audible_Halluicinations_by_skater_noxie7b216ab0ccc405a5369b99091139d298the dichotomy

cole rise


i still love photography, + here’s some really nice work.




remember simon starling? winner of the turner prize in 2005, he dismantled a shed, rebuilt it as a boat, sailed it down the rhine + rebuilt it into it’s original shed form. his exhibit piece in the tate modern did lack in inspiration, being just the shed with a little written information on what he actually did.

none the less, i do like the idea of transformation, of looking at what things could become for better or for worse. i looked at two artists aziz + cucher whilst in college, + have more recently looked at patricia piccinini, all of whom look at biological transformation using photoshop + sculpture.

aziz + cucherpatricia piccinini