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crystal fighters


not the crystal castles.
crystal fighters are a british band whose album ‘star of love’ i’ve had pretty much on repeat for a month now. here are a selection of tracks from youtube which i love, they’re each quite varied so if you don’t like one, just skip it + move onto the next. this is a band worth getting into (in my opinion).

‘i do this everyday’ – no video. heavy guitars/drums, lots of energy.

‘plage’ – live video. light, happy + very summery, for fans of mgmt + vampire weekend.

‘xtatic truth’ – eerie video. electronic, quite dancy.

‘follow’ – great video, both weird + hilarious at the same time. happy, dancy + summery, but with lots of energy.

‘swallow’ – no video. deep electronic, for fans of dub-step.


radioheads secret playlist


OK Computer came out in 1997 + its original working title was Zeros And Ones (01). In Rainbows came out on 10/10/2007, ten years after OK Computer. enough for a conspiracy theory? in the case of radiohead fans, that’s plenty.

however fans have discovered that in this case, it’s more than just a theory. there is a way to combine the tracks from both albums to create a seamless + rather spectacular playlist.

to create this playlist, start with OK Computers track one, “Airbag”, then In Rainbows track one, “15 Step”, + so on, alternating the albums track by track until you reach “Karma Police” on OK Computer, making “All I Need” the tenth track on this playlist.
for the full effect, set your player with a ten second crossfade between tracks (more tens!), though this isn’t essential, as the songs blend noticeably + the lyrics also pick up from each other.

to further confirm that this was intentional, you can find clues all over the albums. In Rainbows was announced ten days before its release, unusual for the band. it was announced via ten cryptic messages posted on the bands website, each post emphasising the letter ‘X’, a roman numeral for the number ten. both OK Computer + In Rainbows have ten letters in their names, + if you look at the In Rainbows album cover…

the jezabels


went to see our mates band MOWBIRD in cardiff last night (also well worth checking out!), + was massively impressed by the headline band THE JEZABELS.

the live show was immense + really well executed, i spent my last tenner of the night on two of their ep’s straight after the show + they do not disappoint. well worth giving a listen.

don’t say we didn’t warn you


the new album from ‘does it offend you yeah?‘, out march 13th.

two new singles ‘we are the dead’ + ‘the monkeys are coming’.

squarepusher. f*@k daft punk.


point of contact nostalgia


saw these posted on facebook + nostalgia’d hard. these are from way back in 2002/2003, i’m the one in the middle on bass guitar with the crappy dread-looking hair

tuesday + ymerodraeth state of mind


after a lot of hassle + trouble, i am getting a beefed up replacement laptop this tuesday! all my stuff is saved on my external so hopefully won’t take too long getting it comfortable + running like my old one

sooo excited! also to pass the days until it’s arrival, here’s a rather satisfying song about the port. i’ll shed a tear when i leave

trent reznor: how to destroy angels


the first release from new band/artist ‘how to destroy angels

strongly rumoured to be a collaboration between trent reznor + his wife mariqueen maandig, the six track ep is available for free download HERE + is well worth giving a listen

electrypnose – lunatic yowie


nice :)

the surface of the sun



both written by british musician john murphy, + feature in the movies ‘sunshine’, ‘kick ass’ + ’28 days later’

cinnamon chasers + saman keshavarz


luv deluxe by cinnamon chasers, great british band + an ace track, coupled with an award winning music video directed by samam keshavarz

frank turner


i was a massive fan of million dead, + knew that frank turner had gone on to do a solo project, but only really paid attention this year. looking back over 2009 i think of all the music i’ve discovered, frank turner sticks out as a real gem
get amongst it

other mentions include,
the joy formidable
john butler
polar bear club

love and trolls


one of the better boxxy remixes i’ve seen out there. hail queen /b/

カプセル [capsule]


shibuya-kei duo consisting of vocalist toshiko koshijima and producer/composer/lyricist/art director yasutaka nakata. loving their 2007 album ‘flash back’, though every album is brilliant, well worth checking out

john butler trio


this a track called ocean, amazing musician, well worth buying a few albums because it’s ALL this good.