been a while.

i tried to walk with my friend, Arjun, entirely on foot + unsupported, from Cardiff Wales to Cardiff Australia. i got as far as Bishkek Kyrgyzstan, which is about halfway.

what happened on that journey is too much of a story for here, it is all chronicled at what ended that journey was a prison cell.

i’ll attempt to put this in short.
Pakistan visas could only be applied for in our country of origin, so we stopped in Kyrgyzstan to send our passports home. it is illegal to not carry your passport on you in Kyrgyzstan. my visa application was twice denied, Arjuns was granted, Kyrgyzstan customs held our passports as they were delivered back into the country, we got caught + put in a cell.

luckily we had some good friends in Kyrgyzstan who helped the best they could, + our parents were straight on the case + got us released after a few days.

from the day we were released there was increased police activity around our hostel, + we couldn’t even make it to a shop without being tailed + having our passports checked. there was no way i could risk a third Pakistan visa application.

to compound things, the Pakistan visa delays meant our route through China had closed, + the only alternative was Afghanistan + the more dangerous areas of Pakistan.

so, really not wanting to, i came home.

Arjun continued on, unable to walk Afghanistan + Pakistan due to security (+ political) reasons, + then had to come home for a few weeks for bureaucratic reasons, but is now continuing on from India.

it’s not an ideal to end what was an amazing experience + i’m sure for Arjun will continue to be an incredible journey.


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