crystal fighters


not the crystal castles.
crystal fighters are a british band whose album ‘star of love’ i’ve had pretty much on repeat for a month now. here are a selection of tracks from youtube which i love, they’re each quite varied so if you don’t like one, just skip it + move onto the next. this is a band worth getting into (in my opinion).

‘i do this everyday’ – no video. heavy guitars/drums, lots of energy.

‘plage’ – live video. light, happy + very summery, for fans of mgmt + vampire weekend.

‘xtatic truth’ – eerie video. electronic, quite dancy.

‘follow’ – great video, both weird + hilarious at the same time. happy, dancy + summery, but with lots of energy.

‘swallow’ – no video. deep electronic, for fans of dub-step.


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