lo, we have become


in october of this year (2011), the vietnamese javan rhino was declared extinct. in november of this year, the west african black rhino was declared extinct. the northern white rhino in africa is listed as extinct in the wild with less than ten listed in captivity.

putting this into perspective, these were some of the rarest animals in existence. nobody even knew there were any rhinos in vietnam or mainland china until poachers shot one just over 20 years ago, this in a country which was at war in the jungle for nearly 40 years. even after the shooting, it was only known there were others from the skins that hunters kept, until it was finally photographed in 1999.

using genetic analysis of droppings, zoologists worked out that its population was very small, + where you may expect some protection for this species, a safeguard for south-east asia’s rarest animal, only a decade later they are gone.

all of them.

for the booming market in rhino horn as a component of traditional asian medicine (proven not to be effective), poachers have hunted down the entire species. genetic analysis of dung has shown that the rhino remains found shot + de-horned in april last year was the last of the population.

an animal that has survived for millions of years, found by humans 20 years ago, now extinct.

i’ve been watching many documentaries recently about how wonderful humanity is, possessing consciousness, altruism, language, art, science etc; + yet evidence shows that instead, we are the species that destroys. is it time we looked at ourselves + realised that people might not be fundamentally good? to look at the baleful impact we have had on our planet, + instead consider that there might be something fundamentally wrong with us as a species?

to add insult to injury, in a survey of 600 scientists this year, nearly 60% stated that it was time to reconsider conservation, focusing resources on animals that can realistically be saved + giving up on the rest.
‘the rest’ includes species such as pandas + tigers.


3 Responses to “lo, we have become”

  1. Yo-Yo Higgins Says:

    I found this vid and thought it was an interesting stance on the topic

  2. ray charles on steroids Says:

    neva liked pandas neway, they’re grizzly + nown for how aggresiv thay r. u no ther wud be plenty if china stoped eatin them neway, its no coinsidense that rigers + pandas r from china + they eat weird shit like babies.

    pandas r uselss neway, there camoflaj is the wrong color 4 there enviroment, their lazy + dnt hunt, thay only eat bampoo witch is y thay r fat + slow cuz their vegatairiuns, thay dnt want sex cuz thay r all gay witch is y pandas dont hav many babys, there useluss bairs + ppl only like them cuz thayr cute but onestly i think thay just look gay wiv eye shadow on.

    ppl shud let them go + focus on the gud animals like lizards + hippos + machamp + german womin

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