you are part of the 99%


spoken to a lot of people recently who are deriding the ‘occupy’ movements happening across the world. there was a video clip from the BBC’s ‘have i got news for you’ mocking the protesters because they ate fast food, which apparently makes all their anti-corporate protests a hypocrisy, + i also found this picture of someone who states that they are in the same situation as the protesters except not demanding handouts, + that a work ethic is what is needed, not change.

in my mind, they’ve missed the point.

the person in the above picture may have an admirable work ethic, + they may believe that if everyone was as sensible as them that the problems we’re facing wouldn’t exist. i think this person has yet to experience any of the following:
– having their pay or even job cut so that their managing director can get a pay rise.
– losing their job because of a badly-played gamble by one or more of their bosses.
– having their savings/stock wiped out by gambling bankers who earn a bonus for their work.
– living downstream from a factory whose waste + emissions are known to cause cancer or other illnesses.
– losing a court case trying to sue said factory + then getting stuck with the illnesses + the legal fees.
– having their contracted pay + benefits re-negotiated without their consent by companies making cut backs whilst their managers claim bonuses.
– being unable to purchase organic produce as regulations allow companies to market non-organic food under the organic label.
– the same with other artificial ingredients linked to various illnesses.

if the person in the above picture doesn’t think this is happening, then they’re not paying attention, + if they think they’ll rise above it if they just work hard, then they’re fooling themselves.

the movement isn’t against capitalism, it’s against corporate greed.

in short, the 99% does not refer to people expecting handouts, it refers to the people who pay the larger share of taxes, work the longer amount of hours, do the harder degree of work, + yet continually have their pay, jobs, health, environment + economy endangered or destroyed by the other 1%.

also let’s get this straight, the 99% slogan refers to everyone earning less than £10 million a year, + that kind of wage is not something you earn by working hard + living below your means. it’s the kind of money enjoyed by people who either do some of the things listed above, or who inherit it from other people who already did.


6 Responses to “you are part of the 99%”

  1. The Ghost of Ben Wood Says:


    Keep putting it out there mate,
    People should know how the world is run.
    It’s time for change.

  2. sam Says:

    to be fair to Have I got news for you if you watch the whole episode everyone supported the occupy movement apart from the Tory who Ian and Paul ripped apart for not having any real case against them

  3. ray charles on steroids Says:

    this video has 44 million views + is about gay sex with negros, +how does it makes u feel noing ur admirible blogs about the state of the world r never going 2 be seen by a miliunth of that number?

    i luv u krae + ur the hero llan deserves, but not the one it needs right now + they’ll hunt u because u can take it. because ur not our hero. ur a silent guardian, a watchful protector + a dark knight.

  4. That’s right. I’ve had a great loathing for the 99% slogan from the start (it’s actually more like 99.999%), but it’s still a powerful sentiment.

    The person in that picture seemingly fails to realise that he shouldn’t HAVE to work so hard for so little. His work ethic is admirable, but his perspective of the occupy movement is completely skewed.

    I’m on the more pro-active part of the 99%, but I’m not looking for handouts, I’m looking for a positive change in the world, for equality and justice for all. That and a break from the unintelligible bureaucracy that governs our global system, and the corrupt, morally bankrupt way that the people with money (which is nothing more than an idea) run how the world is run.

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