how to solve nearly all global issues


overpopulation, the elephant in the room that nobody wants to talk about.

unfortunately it’s a simple fact that if we don’t reduce the human population humanely (e.g. family planning), nature will do it for us through water shortage, starvation, violence or disease. it’s something we really do need to address.

the world population stands at around 7 billion, estimated at current rates to hit 9 billion by 2045. let’s try to put that into perspective.
7,000,000,000 = current human population, 14% living in starvation.
148,940,000 km2 = total land surface area of earth, 40% of which has been cleared for agriculture alone.

many experts claim we have already passed the point where the earth can sustain our population, supported by our causing of the earths sixth great extinction (around 30,000 species per year) + near complete death of the oceans. food + water shortages are real threats, + threats that we’re quickly becoming unable to cope with not because of the hinderance of economics or politics, but from the earths output capacity.

we can’t kill off or sterilise parts of the population, + unfortunately it’s inconceivable that western countries would bring in laws similar to chinas ‘one child per family’ policy. the more unfortunate issue is that it might become the only solution.

there isn’t an easy solution to this real problem, + there isn’t any discussion about it either. we can’t have one without the other.


3 Responses to “how to solve nearly all global issues”

  1. Rob Edwardssdzasfsdg Says:

    May I propose tax incentives for families with only one child, which is basically the opposite of the current benefit system. or perhaps take Iran’s lead and have mandatory family planning lessons before being allowed to marry.

    • krae_on Says:

      one policy i always talk about implementing were i to ever get into power is the current state support for the first child, but nothing for any extra children.

      every couple deserves the right to a child + to get the help they need, but if they want more then they should be able to support them themselves, otherwise not have them.

  2. interesting video on the exponential growth of our population.

    You don’t really give any answers here though, making the title of this entry somewhat misleading. Yes, overpopulation is a major problem, and there’s plenty of evidence out there suggesting that certain powerful people are already taking somewhat drastic initiatives to depopulate the world, but there’s no immediately evident solution that doesn’t bare unspeakable consequences…

    I say we build an orbital elevator and get the hell out of dodge!

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