os x lion


i don’t need to write a review about the new os x lion, just one line.
it is quite simply, shite.

apple has taken away ‘spaces’ + replaced it with some poorly scoped side scroller system which organises itself depending on what your apps want to do rather than what you as the user want to do. it’s awful, unintuitive + a massive step backward in easing workflow, also no longer allowing you to drag files/folders/apps across different spaces or arrange them as you want.

lauchpad is a pointless + gimmicky variation on the dock, except no where near as smooth, simple + accessible.

no rosetta powerPC apps will work anymore, meaning half the independent apps i use are now useless + i am not going to pay for apples own approved low quality versions.

certain aspects have been aesthetically ruined. just google the new address book + ical.

full screen apps, although a great idea, have no default options or access to the desktop whilst active. was it too much to be able to use my mac the way I want to? like on os x snow leopard for example?

+ lastly, RAM. it’s important, + i want more of it, not less.

microsoft, i eagerly anticipate windows 8.


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