anons plan


for the actual anonops blog post see HERE, or check out the youtube video below.

interesting as it is, i remain too skeptical to even consider getting excited. that said, i do agree that we should all start at the basics. things like growing our own foods, not buying from corporate superpowers such as coca-cola or nike, spreading information, writing to our governments + companies, as well as encouraging others to do the same.

corporations rely on our money, so every purchase is a vote.
for example, if everyone stopped buying bottled water, then the companies who drain our rivers + natural springs would have no money, + they would stop destroying the delicate ecosystems that rely on rivers from source to sea. read up on it, + if possible abstain from voting whenever you can if there’s no one you agree with.


2 Responses to “anons plan”

  1. Taran Says:

    though there are examples where simply “not voting” does not solve the problem; if a company is completely reliant on a product, then they are more likely to make it so that their product is a necessary purchase by eliminating the competition or alternatives- for bottled water suppliers this might involve contaminating water supplies so that people have to drink their clean water for a premium or die painfully from poisoning. In the case of alternative energy we see countless cases where potential alternatives to fossil fuels have been developed then buried by big oil never to see the light of day.

    The problem here is that the people with power already have the huge advantage- they make the rules and to them, money is no more important than a gamerscore to an xbox player. Imagine the world of today as a game of monopoly. the other players have been playing for a while and have bought up all of the properties on the board. You have joined in the game at this late stage where it’s now pretty much impossible for you to win, but you’re expected to keep playing anyway, getting fucked harder with every roll of the dice.

    This is what the modern capitalist world is, and you can continue rolling the dice hoping for that free parking, or you can not play the game. Disregard currency, it only holds power so long as you let it.

    • krae_on Says:

      which is the ultimate goal, to be able to get out of the monetary system altogether. but can anyone do that straight off + can enough people do it to have any impact at all?

      i said start small because everyone can stop buying mcdonalds, start buying their veg from local green grocers instead of asda, and write to their governments demanding access to green electricity. a few people doing it won’t change a thing, just like a few people dropping out of the monetary system won’t, but starting small everyone CAN do, and if everyone does do it, then it will start to change things.

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