because nurses don’t make money.


there’s a LOT of subject matter on this, so i’ll try + be brief.

watching the news on the anti-cuts protests this morning (couldn’t be there as i have broken both heel bones) + was interested in the targets chosen. with some further research it ends up that rich corporations + individuals get away with over £95billion worth of tax evasion every year, much more than i realised + enough to prevent the vast majority of the planned government cuts. here are a few culprits:

sir philip green runs topshop, dorothy perkins, burton, miss selfridge and bhs, but doesn’t own them. his wife does. his wife lives in monaco where there is no income tax, + she is awarded yearly bonuses of up to £1.2billion for doing not a single days work. each £1.2billion bonus alone avoids £285million of tax.

vodafone resisted £6billion of tax. government exchequer george osborne let them off + they didn’t pay a penny, a court case against them was forcefully dropped. in india where they resisted £1.6billion of tax, the authorities forced them to pay up.

tesco have avoided land tax of £100million + stamp duty of £23million. their headquarters in hertfordshire uk has somehow avoided £16million in tax through overseas business rules.

kraft now channel cadbury profits through switzerland costing the british taxpayer over £60million a year.

walkers crisps do the same thing + cost around £20million a year.

whittington investments, owners of fortnum & mason + primark, + majority shareholders of associated british foods which produce products such as ryvita kingsmill, dodged over £40million of tax last year.

as for the banks, what more can be said. over £1trillion of public money to bail them out + the bonuses paid to bankers this year will exceed £7billion, a sum larger than the first wave of public spending cuts combined.

what is this ‘big society’ where the poor become the jobless + the rich become richer? where the forests + NHS get sold off + the millionaire tax evaders get protection? where the government saddles future doctors, teachers + scientists with student debts in excess of £25,000, then spends around £100million a month on a war in libya?

tories out.


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