economic environmentalism


there’s been a lot of trouble in the middle east over recent decades which i don’t need to explain, the warfare has been all over our news channels for years. also, the UK/US invading iraq without hesitation whilst bypassing a genocide in darfur goes to prove what all these wars are about. oil.

for decades the UK/US have funded + catered for arab oppression because they rely on the arab dictators oil, in hock with bad regimes for an ever increasing share of their own energy needs, even supporting terrorism to secure it. iraq was invaded promptly as they had large amounts of oil, libya has become a delicate topic because they have less.

it seems going to war to ‘save the people’ only works if the leaderships they’re being saved from have oil.

which made me think…
when does switching from oil to green technology become more economically viable?

after including the expenses of war, we must be getting close, + the benefits of having a secure + self-reliant energy market must be attractive [don’t forget rising oil prices involvement in the economic crisis we’re in today].

i can’t find much on the subject, but did find a study showing that when oil was £80 a barrel, implementing the UK governments ‘green switch’ plans [no idea what they were, guessing minimal at best] would add 1.5% cost to each persons energy bills.
since then oil prices have risen to over £100 a barrel, so what happened to this ‘green switch’? surely a 25% rise in oil prices has added more than 1.5% cost to each persons energy bills?

another study found that if just 1% of the worlds surface was covered in solar panels, it would provide 300% of the entire worlds current energy usage. three times what we need, cleanly, securely + renewably from just 1% of the worlds total surface area.

i want to see real research done into comparing the cost of continuing to use oil [+ all it’s expenses, including war], with the cost of switching to green technology + developing a self-reliant energy market. i honestly believe going green will be the cheaper option, + if not, certainly worth the cost of its security over relying on oil from the war-torn misery being created in the middle east.


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