anon to UK gov


anonymous sure got organised! not sure how representative this is, but respect to those people. click the link to read their letter to the UK government.


just had a couple of messages asking what this all is.

in brief, a website called wikileaks privately acquired + released a lot of sensitive notes passed around between high profile politicians + army personal etc from around the globe, mainly american.

this understandably upset a lot of international relations + powerful figures. many companies used by wikileaks then withdrew their services, suspected to be bowing to pressure from the american government who are looking to shut down + tarnish the site.

in reaction, internet activists referred to as anonymous created + freely distributed software allowing other users to participate in DDoS* attacks on these companies, in protest against their participation in shutting down wikileaks.

in the UK, DDoS attacks are illegal, punishable by up to ten years imprisonment. with five UK citizens now standing trial for these crimes, anonymous has decided to include the UK government among its list of targets, declaring the arrests as an attack against anonymous itself +  an action against freedom of speech on the internet.

the rest is in the press release.

*DDoS – Distributed Denial of Service. basically where a site is accessed by so many users that it slows to unusable speeds or shuts down altogether. think of it like a real life traffic jam.


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