cameron whores out mother


it’s been available in the news for a while, our coalition government is planning on selling the UKs publicly owned forests to corporate business. i don’t know all the details but i know it’s creating a huge fuss, + rightly so, they want to privatise our woodland!

you can petition to stop this from happening at quite a few sites, a google search for “save our forests uk” brings up entire pages of news reports, petitions + even celebrity calls against the plans.
here are two petitions i believe have some credibility (unlike ‘the mirror’ or ‘the telegraph’ newspapers), the first one is ‘the woodland trust’ + the second is ’38degrees’, both established + respectable organisations who can help prevent the privatisation of our woodland.


One Response to “cameron whores out mother”

  1. It’s unbelievable that our government is willing to sacrifice so much beauty, our education and respect from it’s youngest voters, in the name of money, which has become nothing but a false numbers game.
    It makes me sick – we need to do something about this quickly before they try to destroy this country even more. Will be signing the petition as a start.. however, sadly I’m not sure whether this sick in the head government will be able to comprehend the values of the people before their ideas of money.

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