some sweet artwork of rinzler, clu + sam by superkusokao at deviant art.

the most visually incredible film i’ve seen in a long time, coupled with a beasting soundtrack. seriously, some of the scenes i just cannot get out of my head. it’s definitely a good idea to watch the original first, as legacy ties in closely with the original + features some important characters who are only fully understood if seen in the first film.

the plot itself i actually liked, minus the dialogue on the cargo ship. it worked very well as a sequel, though the differences between users + programs wasn’t quite right.

from the original you get the impression that the programs are better at everything (they know the world), but are bound by their programming and the rules they’re programmed to follow; whereas the users are a bit stupid (they don’t know the world), but can improvise and work outside the rules in order to best the programs.

though now that i’ve said it + thought back on the film, that is kind of how it all works… maybe i was just too engrossed in the beauty of it all!

also, buy daft punks soundtrack. after seeing the film it has now become one of my most listened to albums.


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