when you google…


not that this will bother many people, but it should. google really isn’t being well behaved…

all right, what happens?
when you search google + then click on a link, your search term is sent to that site along with your browser + computer information, which can uniquely identify you.

so what if a random site could work out who you are?
no one really, but these sites usually have third party add-ons, + these build up profiles on users which they then sell to advertisers, which is how your google searches affect the adverts on your bank sites.

but so what if i get tailored adverts? i don’t pay attention to them anyway.
advertisers aren’t the only companies they sell to.
your profile can be bought by anyone, including insurance companies, banks + credit experts, which will affect you.

so that’s a problem how?
it is. if you don’t know why then do the research.
but that’s not all, google also saves every search you make alongside your computer information. this information can then be accessed on request, which again for most people is not a bad thing, but for anyone who has ever searched something a little dodgy (ie for a torrent site or conspiracy theory) this is a massive thing.
remember that anyone else who searches using google on your computer is tallying up their searches against your name, so letting your friend around to check out the wikileaks documents means that technically you are breaking international privacy laws.

there are ways to avoid this, proxies are a good start + there are plenty of free internet ones out there. you could download software such as ‘peerguardian‘ or ‘tor‘ which hide you whilst online. or you can use alternative websites, one good one i use is duckduckgo, who specifically do not give out your information.

happy webbing!


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