article 31. the right to water.


been watching documentaries + reading about the current world water situation. it really is upsetting.

for life on earth outside the oceans, saltwater is akin to a poison. less than 3% of the worlds water is freshwater + two thirds of that 3% is frozen in the ice caps. that means that all living things on the surface of the planet survive off 1% of the earths water, much of which is polluted.

if this doesn’t show how much of a finite resource water is, then look at the multinationals trying to privatise it. the UN estimated it would cost $30billion a year to provide clean water to the ENTIRE planet. the western world alone spends over $100billion a year on bottled water, all of it profit to corporations.

these corporations aren’t even providing a suitable product. most bottled water tested in the US was found to contain harmful levels of pesticides + industrial waste chemicals, in some cases even arsenic. in the UK it’s not much better; no harmful levels of toxins, but even the BBC has investigated + shown tap water to be healthier than bottled.

+ these corporations aren’t providing an option to the buyer, they are actually forcing people into buying water by suing those who don’t. there have been cases in america + india where water companies sue + bankrupt farmers who collect rainwater for irrigation. they can do this because the government has permitted water companies to own water, + therefore the rain. the farmers are supposed to buy water from the companies, to collect it from the skies is seen as an act of theft + treated as such.

in africa there are certain countries where coca cola have moved in + polluted the natural water supplies beyond human use, only then to sell their bottled water to the population at 3x the cost of a coke.

the most effective way to stop this + to bring water back under common ownership is to make it a basic human right, something which when said aloud just makes unbelievable common sense. luckily there is a movement trying to make this happen.

article 31, the right to water is a petition to add the right to free + clean water to the universal declaration of human rights. go here to sign it:


2 Responses to “article 31. the right to water.”

  1. Taran Says:

    I’m genuinely surprised that it’s not already a part of our basic human rights. signed.

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