students protests: the reason (+ it’s not fees)


it is abysmal that the student fees are being raised, + that our MPs are suggesting we understand + back this decision. this proposal is wrong + there’s no way to portray it otherwise. the protests aren’t just about how the government is proposing the removal 80% of teaching funding for universities + asking the next generation to shoulder the bill through a tripling of fees, + then argue that it is fair.

this is about our education.

by increasing student fees + withdrawing university funding, this proposal increases university reliance on student payments. this will bottleneck university funding into the popular courses at the popular universities, whom will inevitably cap placements + close less popular courses, something which other universities are already having to do due to current education cuts. it doesn’t take a genius to realise that this will dramatically reduce the availability of courses and the overall quality of education across the country.

make your voice heard, email those responsible:


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