BP + the USA


so after the most hated man on Earth [British owner of BP] has stood down [despite his commendable job on the clean-up operation of the gulf + the welfare of its residents], they’ve hired an American in his place, who rather than continue BPs impressive work, has decided to ‘scale back’ the clean up. nice.

this is so typical hypocrite America, world renowned for being the least environmentally minded country in the world. the real culprits of this whole mess are officials in various US government organisations, who for years have encouraged + allowed oil companies to negotiate exceptions on environmental + safety procedures in return for low priced oil, basically permitting BP + other oil companies to drill in ecologically vulnerable places with little or no regulation. let’s not forget that America, with 5% of the planets population, consumes over 25% of worlds oil.

if you want to get into deeper details, let’s mention the blowout preventer itself which catastrophically failed. provided by American company Transocean, it’s peculiar that the schematics ordered by + provided to BP didn’t match what Transocean actually placed on the rig. strange.
also the cement casing of the rig itself which collapsed. done by American company Halliburton though they are pointing the finger entirely at BP + avoiding mention of their involvement.

+ what about American companies abroad? has the US forgotten about the Bhopal disaster which left over 5,000 dead + over 500,000 suffering from ill health in India? it’s taken over 25 years of the US running circles around Indias courts [with no clean-up + no compensation, not even an apology] before the first sign of action against those responsible is being seen. don’t hear the Americans calling for Bhopals blood though.

BP isn’t the devil, it’s one of a party of devils enjoying a good time at the Earths expense, + America are the grinning hosts who invited them in with open arms.


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