more recycled betterness


from the same site, THIS is another example of how truly wasteful we are. our pollution needn’t be pollution, in fact our pollution has the potential but not the support to be better + more efficient fuel + construction material for our modern world

THIS product uses recycled bottles in place of brickwork. the air inside each bottle makes it an infinitely better insulator than brick, capturing the suns heat + emitting it slowly throughout the evening. the slight transparency keeps it opaque for privacy, but does allow for a natural daytime glow saving on lighting costs. the final wall is actually considerably stronger than brick or concrete, more environmentally durable + easily recycled again. it costs a lot less than traditional building materials, + saves the need for chemical + environmentally damaging waterproofing + insulation

the way our industry ignores these better alternatives at the cost of the environment, just for not wanting to step away from tradition, is sickening


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