recycled is better than new


THIS webpage shows a new building material stronger than concrete that has the potential to divert large quantities of waste from landfills. the following post is taken from this webpage:

uk company affresol offers a truly novel building material called ‘thermo poly rock’ [TPR], which is made from select waste products. the resulting material is stronger than concrete, is waterproof, fire retardant, + can be used to build low-cost modular housing. each house built with TPR panels will save an average of eighteen tons of waste material from being disposed of in landfills

“every country in the world has issues with waste and we now have an opportunity to turn waste into an enduring housing resource that is 100% recyclable.”
– ian mcpherson, affresol

TPR is cold-produced from waste products mixed with resin and polymers which can then be poured into molds like concrete. once cured, the company says that TPR offers great thermal insulation, is not subject to insect infestation or rot, does not leach any dangerous chemicals, + is 100% recyclable. the company also states that TPR panels have better flex and tensile characteristics than concrete, and the panels can be manufactured to different grades of strength as appropriate to the end use

the TPR panels can be used to frame houses, saving large amounts of lumber in the building process, + because the material is waterproof, houses can be put up year-round. the panels are molded at the factory + transported to the site once construction begins, which can greatly speed up the building process, taking less than a week to build the entire structure. according to affresol, houses built with TPR panels also cost less than traditional building methods

in addition to being environmentally friendly, the affresol house is targeted to lower income families, offering “a real and cost effective opportunity to the thousands of people who are currently unable to get onto the first rung of the housing ladder”


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