the end of the line


was reminded yesterday of this documentary about the fishing industry + world stocks. it may not be a film masterpiece, but it is a must see. think of what ‘an inconvenient truth’ was for global warming, or ‘zeitgeist’ for politics, this is the ocean equivalent. you can buy it from the homepage linked below, or watch it on youtube


it tries to put into perspective the amount of damage we have caused to the oceans, + further reinforces my belief that nobody should be eating seafood. i am not a vegetarian, but i do not eat anything from the sea, haven’t done for as long as i can remember. farm animals may not live the most privileged lives in the world, but as a food source they are properly looked after + have been made sustainable. the ocean has been seen as an nonexpendable food supply for too long, + now many of the species humans rely on are on the ‘severely endangered’ list, yet are still being fished to extinction

i think it was last year, the blue fin tuna [a critically endangered species] had more than a third of its world population fished, + that’s just the legal fishing industry records. the illegal blue fin tuna trade catches an exponential amount on top of that + suffers no criminal repercussions. mitsubishi are actually buying massive amounts of blue fin tuna catches + freezing them, in preparation for high price selling once they no longer exist

you are eating our oceans to extinction, + pescatarians need to take a severe look at their moral compasses


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