cute fear


was checking out this site HERE, which was great for a while. you search where you are or for your nearest major city, pick a weapon from the drop-down menu (largest being the 50mt tsar bomb), + click ‘nuke it’ to see the radius of damage

i was feeling quietly confident being in llangollen, as this bomb dropped on liverpool (which is the closest major city) would leave me untouched :)
however upon further research, the 50mt tsar bomb ends up being a bit small… in fact the same bomb was scaled down from a working 100mt bomb due to pollution worries. 100mt. go to the site, see how big the 50mt one is, then double it…
that was 1960’s technology, + just two bombs could take out the entire of wales + more…

i feel bad for sharing this, but this kitten made me forget all about it + feel better, i hope it does the same for you :)


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