hung parliament for the win


so britain now has a hung parliament. to be honest, though i would have liked to have seen more lib-dem seats, this was the most realistic result to hope for

despite all the scare stories rolled out by the tory press to try + (successfully) stifle the lib-dem campaign, there is no reason to fear a hung parilament. it will not weaken our nation + economy. in fact, evidence says otherwise

the british weakness for tradition, enforced by the tories, tells us that a single party government representing a minority of the popular vote is the real english way of rule (i say ‘english way of rule’ as wales, scotland, europe, + even london, all have more proportional systems). this ‘traditional’ system allowed labour to win 57% of mp seats off just 36% of the votes, whereas the lib-dems earning 23% of votes only got 10%

the tories being the majority party will fiercly defend this system, they themselves having gained a third of the seats on just a 3.9% swing of votes. but after this election the power ultimatly lies with the lib-dems. they have the opportunity to form a coalition government, or to force through a structured hung parliament. done fairly, a hung parliament does not weaken government, but actually produes a stronger government as the executive is more dependant of the goodwill of the legislatures being passed

seven of the ten largest fiscal consolidations in OECD member countries since 1970 have happened under coalition governments. germany, the strongest economy in europe, has always had coalition governments. britain won the second world war with a coalition government. in fact, britiain has had coalition or minority governements for 34 of the past 100 years

this will certainly be interesting, but for good reasons. not something to fear


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