e.t. burn home…


steven hawkings just suggested that rather than search for intelligent life in the universe (offering information about ourselves + how to find earth, as we have done on two probes already out in the void), that we should avoid + hide from them. this may sound a bit paranoid, but all we need to do is look at our history + the signals we’ve already broadcast into space to understand that it actually makes perfect sense

when europe discovered other continents, europe always won, despite their initial promises of peaceful understanding. it’s happening today still, even countries who have been at peace for decades are increasing weapon stocks exponentially in an uneasy cold war-ish style of politics, + no matter what the technological state of a discovered species, human nature would never change, for better or for worse

looking at our signals, the first high powered tv broadcasts were during the second world war, not the best first impression to give, + it doesn’t get any better. it’s not as if our most popular shows are displaying good human nature, + how much of our news is on anything other than our own leaders incompetence + the wars we’re currently involved in or starting? for over a hundred years this will be what aliens see of our planet, + worse still is that despite all these horrors, we have advanced startlingly fast, not a confidence inspiring trait of a dangerous war-torn species

i agree with hawkings


2 Responses to “e.t. burn home…”

  1. I concur, this is a fascinating find =]. When and where was this published ?

    • krae_on Says:

      it’s quoted from some cheesy new Discovery series that Steven Hawkings has scripted. found it on the BBC homepage, sparked thoughts :)

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