in the my lovely minimal post a while back, in the top right of my desktop is the day, date + time. some people assumed i was sad enough to edit this every minute to keep it accurate, no no no

geektools is the app, available HERE. it settles itself as a system prefplane, + allows you to arrange various shells running scripts, system information + images or texts, running in the background as desktop items. if you use automator workflows you can get them running on the desktop also, though remember to adjust the refresh times, otherwise they’ll be running every 10secs. the nice thing about geektool opposed to other apps is that geektool simply displays what’s already happening, so no extra cpu usage, just information. also it’s very customisable, allowing you to show information in whatever place, size, colour or font you want, so you can get it looking perfectly suited to your desktop background or icon set etc

leopard users + older can use the stable second versions, whereas snow leopard users have to use the beta version 3, which does unfortunately have a few bugs restricting what you can actually do with it. hopefully the patches will be out soon

that’s about it. i’m not versed in the terminal so for scripts a look around the mac forums or a simple internet search will always provide cool shell commands + some dead good desktop examples for inspiration


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