connect 360


a lot of people have xbox 360’s, they’re awesome. what a lot of people don’t have is a way of wirelessly connecting their mac (therefore their itunes, movies + pictures) to it, allowing them to truly use the functionality of the console

i don’t want to sound pretentious here, but in our house we all have 360’s + some sort of laptop or mac. before i get you all excited, all the xbox’s have to be on xbox live + on the same network for this to work (security reasons)

for pc’s the free vuze programme allows you to wirelessly share your shared folder to any 360 on the same network. so i can access all my friends media + enjoy them on my own tv in my own room, without having to bother them with asking to put their stuff on a usb stick for me etc

for macs this isn’t possible. you need to trick the xbox into seeing your mac as a pc. connect 360

a demo is available along with the full software HERE, it’s only cheap + well worth buying as the demo quickly becomes restricting
once installed, you access + run it from the system preferences, where it gives you a great selection of settings to play with. with pc’s what you share must be in the shared folder, which means moving everything around + taking up memory; with connect 360 you choose which folders get shared. no moving anything around, no setting up a shared folder, you simply tick the box on which folders you want to be accessible

also the connection is seamless. i’ve had this running movies + music on three xbox’s from all over the house with no lag or delay at all
though saying this, having three xbox’s wirelessly connected to each other + three other computers/macs did create lag in online games. simply quitting the applications (connect 360 + vuze) did solve the problem instantly


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