a site that allows you to save an infinite amount of web pages + organise or ‘tag’ them however you choose for ease of finding at a later date
check it out HERE + check out my tags HERE

the best way to explain this is with an example
sign up + save the ‘add tag’ link to your bookmarks bar or favourites (can’t remember if it’s an installation or a link but either way make sure you have easy access to it)
go search a site of interest
find something that you want to look at or show to someone later
click ‘add tag’ + tag it it under something memorable or relevant, i use categories, eg ‘technology’, ‘art’, etc

now say it was another day + you need this webpage. you would either have to re-find it, which can be difficult + time consuming, or you can now look at your delicious + simply click on the tag, then on the link which will take you straight to where you saved it from
most people will question the requirement of this, but if you’re doing research or you use the web more extensively than most then this site is a godsend. it saves having hundreds of favourites all over the place + not being able to find them later, + replaces it with a word cloud of your favourites tagged in a way you know + understand, allowing you to quickly find anything you’ve saved


One Response to “delicious”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    I love Delicious

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