mirrors edge


recently had a friend loan me some monies for a 360 elite. first games i bought were mirrors edge (because i remember reading a very promising review when it came out) + bioshock because it’s awesome. also a game called fatal inertia which i love (think a 360 version of wipeout)

after playing all three, i must admit i am stunned by mirrors edge
i was a huge fan of jet set radio future because of the way the entire level was playable, no areas were off limits + a lot of the games final tasks involved discovering routes of access that were only available through the precise timing of moves. sonic the hedgehog 2 was kind of similar if you were going for the time bonus’s rather than rings

mirrors edge however takes this method of play to an entirely new level, requiring precise timing manoeuvres in ‘access all areas’ levels that at times beat even portal for their sheer complexity
this is a game that’s not going to get boring for a long time, + to top it off, it looks as slick as oil off glass


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