been moving all my music across from my pc to an external hard drive for back-up + for use with my macs iTunes [which sucks but all mac users are unfortunately stuck with it] only to find that almost half of it is in .wma format

this program HERE is a lifesaver

seriously, iTunes on mac has no .wma conversion tools + i would have literally died if i’d had to re-rip half my library, which is over 80gbs + contains well over 10,000 tracks [can’t help boasting about figures like that]
this little piece of software is brilliant, just drag + drop the tracks from wherever they are + it will make an mp3 version + place them into the folders where they came from, sssuuuccchhh a timesaver! if asked to at the tick of a box it will even delete the .wma files that it’s just made conversions of, saving even mmmooorrreee time!

iTunes sucks


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