screen lock


a way of locking the mac without having to save everything + close down applications

i’ve known about using password locked screensavers in conjunction with hot corners for a while now, but how often do you or others accidentally activate hotcorners? it gets incredibly annoying. there are apps out there, but who wants more third party programmes clogging up the hard drive? that + they are often slow, frustratingly slow when compared to letting the mac do it for you

with a simple preference change this invaluably useful tool is yours, no downloads, no hassle

‘applications’ > ‘utilities’ > ‘keychain access’
menu item ‘keychain access’ > ‘preferences’ > check ‘show status in menu bar’

there should now be a padlock in the top right of the menu bar, click on it + it drops down with a small menu where the first option is ‘lock screen’. this has the same effect as using a password locked screensaver, but without the hassle of hot corners + accidents. simples


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