seriously, go HERE + check it out. i recently discovered this + am still getting to grips with it’s power, but even at a basic level it is pretty amazing

there’s a lot to explain but i’ll try my best to be brief…

you can choose not to download any software + just sign up for an account. this way you can sign in on any computer + upload pretty much any filetype you want, from simple text to pdfs + audio. once uploaded they are saved without any alterations + can be accessed + downloaded by you in full, just sign in. it’s kind of like flikr or photobucket, except it’s private + accepts every file type. it allows you to organise all your uploads in a variety of ways, making it easy to set up to work exactly how you want it. you can also email files to + from the account; emails are automatically added to the library as if you’d uploaded them

if you find the online method a bit slow + clunky or don’t have constant access to internet, then you can download a small piece of software for your pc/mac/phone that greatly simplifies the process. the software gives you an offline version of the online system, which you can organise + upload to freely. it then allows you to synchronise the two quickly + easily whenever’s convenient, effectively doing a mass upload to the online account. it works the other way around too, so if you’re using a different computer with the software installed you can do a mass download

the software has advanced search capabilities + allows you to create tags, making it a useful organisation tool as well

in short, at the most basic level evernote acts as an external hard drive that exists online, available to you wherever you have internet. at a more advanced level it can be tailored to completely change the way you work


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