a case for the 2012 logo


london 2012 logo incorporating british flagright, here goes shooting myself in the foot. i like this logo, + i like the london font specifically designed for it. i know that most if not everyone else hates it.

the idea behind it is that the olympics are for everyone, not just london, so why should the logo be london based? also let’s be frank, how many people living in london are actually from london anyway? london is one of the most multicultural cities in the world, making it very difficult to define ‘british’ symbology without referring to bland london buildings.
i also like the font. it doesn’t scream for attention, it’s very legible, + dare i say modern? britain is a leading country in modern design + contemporary ideas, so why is everyone complaining? this logo allows for a lot of play, + when incorporated with imagery such as this example, i think it looks fantastic. i do agree that the colours are a poor decision, the logo looks much better in simple primaries, but that’s one of the beauties of the logo, it allows itself to be updated, to adapt to current fashions + to appeal via design to a wide audience.

saying all that though, i do find this parody quite funny, + i do quite like this alternative logo idea posted on the BBC website.



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