the viral virus


watched district 9 for the second time + thought about viral advertising.
i hate advertising, + i can say that because i studied it for a while. it’s why i don’t own a tv.

viral advertising however.
for an example of how clever + artistic a well executed viral campaign can be, look at the year zero concept by trent reznor from nine inch nails, information HERE.
it’s based approximately 15 years in the future, where state control has got out of control, + anti-political groups are sending warnings back to the past, to us; warnings of id chips, media-government collaborations, corporate control + the secret drugging of the population via water supplies.
you could say it’s all an elaborate advert designed for a specific fan base, but think about the creative intelligence behind this. trent reznor has created a complete, believable fictional future, with real issues, organisations, wars, people, even the kitchen sink. maybe it’s not a real viral campaign, maybe it’s more of an art concept. however cloverfield used similar methods purely for advertising, which worked well as promotional material rather than art material.

back to district 9. rather than leave clues + interactive media around for people to discover + spread themselves like year zero + cloverfield, they plaster it on every available public surface instead. i enjoyed district 9 as a film, but the advertising was an insult. it wasn’t viral, it completely missed the definition of ‘viral’. what’s more infuriating is that i predict a lot more films/products adopting this method, taking an art form + degrading it to an everyday nuisance plastered all over the high streets.

district9 abusing viral advertising


One Response to “the viral virus”

  1. Kaikai Says:

    you know I never knew about the year zero viral campaign
    I think it’s such a cool and terrifying concept. which could quite easily happen haha

    and I like the way everything was executed with the “hidden”*well not so anymore* websites… it’s SO believable and well done. I think i’ll be looking into that a bit more :D

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